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Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 23 Issue 10

Firm Valuation of Advertising Expense: An Investigation of Scaler Effects

C.S. Agnes Cheng, Charles J.P. Chen

Previous research and logic indicate that capital markets generally value spending for advertising and promotion; however, empirical results from these studies are far…

The Interface Between Marketing and Finance: Integrated Management in an Unstable World

George M. Zinkhan, F. Christian Zinkhan

Human existence is characterized by discontinuities, chaos, instabilities, constant changes, and paradoxes (Firat and Venkatesh, 1996). A challenge to social scientists is…

Gender and Investment: The Influence of Gender on Investment Preferences and Practices

Dana‐Nicoleta Lascu, Harold W. Babb, Robert W. Phillips

The financial market offers an intricate laboratory for the study of consumer behavior. One area that has received little attention in the finance literature and that…

Wall Street's Reaction to Listing of the Northern Spotted Owl

F. Christian Zinkhan, George M. Zinkhan

The northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) was declared a threatened species by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on June 22, 1990. Its listing as a threatened…

Managing Financial Variation: Insights into the Finance/Marketing Interface

William B. Locander, Daniel J. Goebel

During the past decade, corporations have experienced a number of environmental “shocks” which have forced CEOs to examine the nature of their enterprises. Today, more so…



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