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Table Of Contents: Volume 23 Issue 1

Internal Organization and Economic Performance: The Case of Large US Commercial Banks

William C. Hunter, Stephen G. Timme

This paper provides novel empirical evidence on the impact of bank internal organization structure characteristics on costs and productive efficiency. The specific…

Bank Mergers, X‐Efficiency, and the Market for Corporate Control

Robert DeYoung

A thick cost frontier methodology is used to estimate pre‐ and postmerger X‐inefficiency in 348 mergers approved by the OCC in 1987/88. Efficiency improved in only a small…

Using Efficiency Measures to Distinguish Among Alternative Explanations of the Structure‐Performance Relationship in Banking

Allen N. Berger, Timothy H. Hannan

Prior research on the structure‐performance relationship has not investigated all of the relevant relationships among market structure, profits, prices, and explicitly…

Estimating the Minimum Risk Maturity Gap: Some Evidence from the Savings and Loan Industry

James E. McNulty, George E. Morgan, Craig K. Ruff, Stephen D. Smith

The common view of many regulators and practitioners is that the minimum risk maturity gap is equal to zero. However, because of the interest sensitivity of such non‐gap…

Wealth Effects of Intraholding Company Bank Mergers: Evidence from Shareholder Returns

Gary Whalen

Using an event study approach, this analysis examines whether or not intracompany mergers of subsidiary banks by multibank holding companies result in significant…

The Efficiency of French Banking Industry

Michel Dietsch

Major structural changes have affected the French banking industry during the second half of the 1980s, what suggests that the French banks were operating with a…



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