Managerial Finance


Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 21 Issue 1

Risk Management Using Derivative Securities

David Walsh

The greatest revolution in financial management over the last 20 years must be the growth in the use of derivative securities. We can also consider this area to be part of…

Risk and Managerial Finance

D.E. Allen

This edition of managerial finance is concerned with various aspects of risk considered in terms of the manner in which it affects investors in companies, the companies…

Accounting for Risk in Financial Instruments: A Review of Accounting Standards

Bryan Howieson, Phillip Hancock

Accountants have long sought methods by which the concept of risk can be communicated through financial statements. Traditionally, certain financial ratios such as the…

Bank Credit Risk Management

R. Boffey, G.N. Robson

Bank management, from a finance theory perspective, is generally acknowledged to involve the management of four major balance sheet risks: liquidity risk, interest rate…

Investment Risk Concepts and Measurement of Risk in Asset Returns

Lakshman A. Alles

The theory of finance is built around return and risk concepts and a basic tenet of finance is that there is a trade off between the risk and returns of assets. As such…



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