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Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 3

Financial Computer Models

Thomas W. McRae

Financial management might be defined as the art of taking correct decisions about financial problems. Decision taking is an art and not a science because no matter how…

Systems Dynamics and Cash Flow Planning‐A Model for Accountants

Hussien H. Shehata

This paper aims to explore the applicability of Systems Dynamics Methodology (SDM) to the formulation of long‐range cash flow policies. It also explains how the…

Numerical Points Systems in Credit Screening

Barry J. Savery

The development of numerical points systems, or credit scoring systems, have become increasingly important in this country as aids in the credit screening process. Most of…

Measurement of Financial Performance

R.A. Wilmott

Increases in productivity have their origins at the level of the individual firm and are reflected through improved efficiency. Improved efficiency is brought about by…

Finance Through Factoring

D. Kirkby

Of all the financial facilities and services that have appeared in the UK in the past ten years or so, probably the least understood is factoring. Pure debt factoring does…

Leverage in UK Companies 1967–1973 —An Empirical Investigation

Robin B. Fox

The amount of debt taken into a company's financial structure is one of the key financial decisions. When too much debt is taken on board, the company is risking technical…

Human Resource Accounting and the Football League

Peter Trussell

My objectives in this chapter are firstly to familiarise readers with the proposed methods by which human resources can be valued and secondly to summarise the benefits…

Management Accounting and Behavioural Science

Ken Shackleton

The management accountant has played an important part in commercial/industrial life. However, this role development is of comparatively recent origin compared with the…

Share Price Behaviour

Michael Firth

The purpose of this paper is to discuss briefly the types of research that have been undertaken, to reference a number of American and British studies and to summarise…

Dividend Policy and the Value of the Enterprise

Andrew P. Shepherd

“The effect of a firm's dividend policy on the current price of its shares is a matter of considerable importance, not only to the corporate officials who must set the…

Economic Efficiency and the Stock Exchange

Chris McEvoy

The belief that the London Stock Exchange is a near‐perfect market is common both among economists and the lay public. The main basis for this belief is that stock and…

The Institutional Shareholder

Richard Dobbins

This chapter reports the growth in ownership of the private sector of British industry by institutional shareholders, summarises the impact of such growth on management…



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