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Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 1

Current Cost Accounting

P.R.A. Kirkman

In July 1973 the UK government announced that a special committee of enquiry was to be set up “to consider whether, and if so how, company accounts should allow for

Measuring the Performance of Production Systems Using Management Ratios

Hisham Fadel

Production systems can be: (1) functional layout‐based manufacture (sometimes referred to as batch production), (2) assembly lines and manufacturing lines, (3) plant…

Financing the Movement of Goods between Countries

Robin Waldron

Most companies are finding that cashflow—that is to say, positive cash flow—is more important than profit‐making at the moment. That is not to say that in the longer term…

Human Resource Accounting

P. Trussell, R. Dobbins

Human resource accounting is concerned with the identification and measurement of data relating to the organisation's human resources and the communication of such…

Current Account ‐ The National Enterprise Board

Desmond Goch

Ever since the National Enterprise Board set up shop with Lord Ryder in the chairman's seat, politicians and industrialists alike have been speculating on the kind of role…

The Corporate Report: An Appraisal

John R. Small

It is perhaps unfortunate that the Corporate Report (CR) should have been published almost simultaneously with the publication of the Sandilands Report on Inflation…

Presenting Financial Information to Employees

A.H. Taylor

A Developing Activity. In a previous article it was suggested that for the purpose of presenting financial information to employees it was first essential to clarify the…

The Work of the Export Credits Guarantee Department

The history of government involvement in export credit insurance is briefly summarised. This article then describes present policy and practice in the provision of…



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