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Table Of Contents: Volume 18 Issue 3

Foreign Exchange Risk Management — A Balanced Portfolio

J.B. Holland

Changes in the financial and competitive environment have been a recurring stimulus to corporate reappraisal of foreign exchange risk management (FERM) policy. In 14 UK…

The State of the Art in Assessing Foreign Currency Operations

I.S. Demirag

The rapid development of multinational companies (MNCs) has resulted in the need for accounting systems which function to report, evaluate and control international…

Policies Employed in the Management of Currency Risk: A Case Study Analysis of US and UK

P.A. Collier, E.W. Davis, J.B. Coates, S.G. Longden

The objective of this paper is to extend research findings obtained in a preliminary survey of currency risk management in UK multinational companies (Collier and Davis…

Uncertain Perception of Economic Exchange Risk and Financial Hedging

G. Franke

This paper provides some justification for the observation that managers hedge transaction and translation risk through financial contracts and not economic risk as…

Financial Innovations: Some Empirical Evidence from the United Kingdom

M. Glaum, P.A. Belk

This paper reports the results of an empirical study undertaken during 1988 into firstly the opinions of corporate treasurers in UK multinational corporations on the…

Forward and Futures Prices during the 1984/85 Sterling Exchange Rate Crisis: An Analysis of Time Series Structure and Implied Transactions Costs

I.R. Davidson

Whereas the last decade has seen remarkable growth in United States (US) futures business, in the United Kingdom (UK) the volume in some sectors has been disappointing…



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