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Table Of Contents: Volume 17 Issue 2/3

Capital Budgeting in a Competitive Environment

James S. Ang, Stephen P. Dukas

The Net Present Value (NPV) criterion of project evaluation has traditionally been accepted as the theoretically superior capital budgeting technique due to its…

An Integrated Options‐Based Strategic Planning and Control Model

Lenos Trigeorgis, Eero Kasanen

Managerial practice differs from standard capital budgeting theory in a number of respects. For example, managers often take projects that have negative NPV (e.g., R & D…

Effect of the Learning Curve on the Capital Budgeting Process

M. Andrew Fields

Repetition of human activity tends to cause a certain amount of learning to occur. This learning curve (LC) effect has been widely discussed in the business literature and…

Capital Budgeting and the Utilization of Full Information: Performance Evaluation and the Exercise of Real Options

Tamir Agmon

Recently there has been a new interest in capital budgeting. The interest can be traced to two sources: (1) lack of satisfaction with the way that standard NPV procedures…

An Application of the Box‐Jenkins Methodology to Capital Budgeting

Paul Fallone, Carmelo Giaccotto

The authors derive the probability distribution of the net present value of a project under the quite general assumption that the cash flows follow either an…

Capital Budgeting for Replacements with Unequal Remaining Life

LeRoy D. Brooks

A capital budgeting decision procedure appropriate for choosing the continuance, replacement, or abandonment of an asset‐in‐place is examined. The optimal replacement…

Justifying Investments in Flexible Manufacturing Technology: Adding Strategic Analysis to Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty

Raj Aggarwal, J. Edward, Louise E. Mellen

Justifying new manufacturing technology is usually very difficult since the most important benefits are often strategic and difficult to quantify. Traditional capital…

The Crucial Task: Finding the Right Investments

John C. Groth

This issue of Managerial Finance focuses on factors related to the critical long term decisions for a firm. What it should do, and what capital investments are necessary…



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