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Table Of Contents: Volume 12 Issue 3

Uncertainty and the Theory of Choice in Microeconomics

Hiroshi Ono

Decision making under uncertainty has evolved as an important focus of interest by economists and others who wish to improve the performance of the firm and the…

Entry into Competitive Industries as Affected by Risk Aversion

Iraj Fooladi

Most textbooks discuss the problem of entry into competitive industries for a deterministic environment. It is argued that the opportunity of earning an economic profit…

Risk in Capital Investment Proposals: Three Viewpoints

John C. Hull

In the last twenty years or so there have been many developments in Finance Theory which have increased our understanding of the nature of the risk in a capital investment…

Portfolio Modelling and the Characteristics Approach

Colin Dodds

The developments in modern portfolio theory have had a significant impact on the literature in the area of investment management and whilst many investment analysts have…

Profit Sharing and Income Risk: A Survey

Arun K. Mukhopadhyay

The predominant method by which workers in a business organization get compensated for their labour is that they earn a wage which has been guaranteed to them through an…



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