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Table Of Contents: Volume 11 Issue 2

Managing Foreign Exchange Risks: Organisational Aspects

Ike Mathur

A multinational firm in its normal, day to day conduct of business becomes vulnerable to potential gains and losses due to changes in the values of its assets and…

Managing Foreign Exchange Risks: Strategy Considerations

Ike Mathur

Just a few years ago, active management of foreign exchange risks was confined to a relatively small number of multinational firms. With saturation of domestic markets…

International Transfer Pricing Objectives

Lynette L. Knowles, Ike Mathur

Applied transfer pricing information has repeatedly been proven difficult to gather. Many enterprises work under secrecy regarding transfer pricing systems, believing that…

Factors Influencing the Designing of International Transfer Pricing Systems

Lynette L. Knowles, Ike Mathur

The designing of international transfer pricing systems needs to take into consideration a variety of factors that could ultimately affect the smooth operation of the…

Designing International Transfer Pricing Systems

Lynette L. Knowles, Ike Mathur

Two companion articles have considered transfer pricing objectives and factors influencing the designing of these systems. This article, the last in the series, treats the…



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