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Desmond Goch

The stock market revival that began in the early weeks of 1975 and carried the Financial Times Industrial Ordinary Share Index from its lowest point for many years back to…

National Giro—A Better Deal in Business Banking

Alfred Singer

Alfred Singer, Managing Director of National Giro, the Post Office's money transfer and banking service, explains how this new public sector bank has confounded many of…

The Role of Forecasting in Business

Michael Firth

During recent years there has been a vast growth in the literature of and the study of the theory of the firm. Underlying the various different theories however is a…

In Defence of Base Stock Valuation

D.W. Hardy

One of the most important principles that accountants apply when determining trading profit is the matching of costs against related revenues—a principle that in practical…

Financial Modelling

P.J. Marsh

This paper seeks to examine the growth, purpose and effectiveness of financial modelling, and classify financial models according to four basic characteristics examining…

A Guide to Unquoted Share Valuations

Peter Wyman

There are numerous factors which must be considered in the valuation of shares in an unquoted company. The placing of a particular value on those shares is a matter of…

Going Public

Colin Fitch

Since Christies International came to the market in November 1973 London has seen no significant company flotation: the economic situation of the country as reflected in…

Inflation Accounting

P.R.A. Kirkman

Many private individuals in the UK have been brought up by parents who have stressed the disadvantages of being in debt. As a result there are many people in this country…

Investment Analysis in Current Market Conditions

H. Lipman

In the midst of the present uncertain investment scene, it is perhaps appropriate to take stock and ask whether the tools of the investment analyst are still able to…

Interfirm Comparison Helps Management Stay Competitive

H.W. Palmer

How often does the financial director pore over his latest set of management accounts, nodding with satisfaction at the improvements during the period, frowning at those…



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