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Table Of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 1

Current Account ‐ Industry's Cash Flow

Desmond Goch

With growing redundancies and short‐time working in many sectors of British industry, the struggle to survive—and in some cases, to avoid Government intervention—has…

What Management can Learn from Ratios

M.G. Wright

Why Ratios? The need for ratios rests upon the fact that absolute figures by themselves tell one very little about the performance of an organisation. The fact that a…

The Presentation of Financial Information to Employees

A.H. Taylor

A growing practice in industry. It has been for many years the custom of a number of industrial companies to publish summaries of their financial results for the…

What's in a Balance Sheet?

Ray Farmer

An enterprise may appoint a specialist to assume responsibility for financial management, but his achievements will be constrained to the extent that other functional…

Direct Investment Abroad

H.S.A. Macnair

In this article the writer looks at the framework of exchange control and explains those aspects concerned with the financing of direct investment abroad. The emphasis is…

Cash Management in ICI

Alan W. Clements

An article on cash management in a multinational company like ICI can easily become boringly factual and descriptive. I propose, therefore, in this short paper to attempt…

Corporate Planning ‐ the making of Strategy

D.E. Hussey

It is very easy to obtain agreement that corporate planning is a “good thing”, for the idea of planning has a powerful appeal to logic and reason which few would dare to…

Financial Reporting in the EEC

Michael J. Lafferty

Surprising though it may seem, British accountants paid little or no attention to developments in financial reporting on the continent of Europe until the British entry to…

The Evaluation of Share Prices

Michael Firth

Since the early 1960s there has been a considerable increase in formalised investment analysis in the UK. This can partly be evidenced by the growth in the membership of…

Why Accounting Standards Matter to Management

J.M. Renshall

The new accounting standards promulgated by the major accountancy bodies under the aegis of the Accounting Standards Steering Committee have resulted in a remarkable…



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