International Journal of Social Economics: Volume 31 Issue 10


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Empirical study in finite correlation coefficient in two phase estimation

M. Khoshnevisan, F. Kaymarm, H.P. Singh, R. Singh, F. Smarandache

This paper proposes a class of estimators for population correlation coefficient when information about the population mean and population variance of one of the variables…


Distributional implications of contemporary Judeo‐Christian economics

Clive Beed, Cara Beed

Distributional issues have re‐emerged as an important issue in economics, social science, and philosophy in the last few decades. In the same period, the relevance of…


Free‐economics: The vision of reformer Silvio Gesell

Guido Giacomo Preparata, John E. Elliott

During the first decades of the 20th century, German Reformer Silvio Gesell (1862‐1930) championed with a certain success the reforming wave of the epoch by complementing…


Historical path dependence, institutional persistence, and transition to market economy: The case of Poland

Ryszard Zukowski

The paper deals with the impact of long‐term persistent interregional disparities on the performance in transition to market economy. In the case of Poland, owing to the…


The effects of neoliberal structural adjustment on women's relative employment in Latin America

Jennifer A. Ball

Neoliberal structural adjustment policies (SAPS) have been criticized as having negative effects on women's employment. An analysis of several Latin American countries in…

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