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Clad Metal Circuit Board Substrates for Direct Mounting of Ceramic Chip Carriers

Francis J. Dance, John L. Wallace

For a full realisation of the packaging advantages of leadless ceramic chip carriers, these devices will be surface mounted on large area printed circuit boards. However, thermal…

Epoxy Prepreg Characterisation Using Scaled Flow Testing Techniques

D.P. Bloechle

Scaled Flow Testing has been developed as a practical method to characterise the flow and thickness properties of epoxy B‐stage prepreg. This technique evolved from an analytical…

Circuit World Visits Schering Chemicals

Schering Chemicals Ltd., Electroplating Division, carry on their UK operation from newly extended premises at Burgess Hill in Sussex. A recent visit there proved to be extremely…

Round the Circuit

Exacta Circuits, the Standard Telephones and Cables (STC) company specialising in high‐technology interconnection systems, has appointed Ian Maclure as manager, industrial…

Crystal balls

These days it seems hard to pick up a magazine or go to a conference without finding an article or paper telling us in no uncertain terms what is going to happen in our industry…

Institute News

Two week course commencing Monday, 25th October to Friday, 29th October, 1982 and continuing on Monday, 1st November to Friday, 5th November, 1982.

The Printed Circuit Challenges of the '80s

R. Mettler

The printed circuit has been a fundamental building block for the electronic industry for several decades. What will be the impact on our industry of technological developments…

Thermal Implications of Using Chip Carriers with Current Laminates

P. Gregory

The evolution of epoxy glass fibre PCBs generally accepted by the industry has not produced major developments in laminate technology. Microminiaturisation of components, improved…

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