Circuit World: Volume 8 Issue 3


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Manufacture of flexi‐rigid boards

John A. Scarlett

The manufacture of flexi‐rigid multilayer boards poses a number of problems which are not met with in ordinary multilayer production or in the making of plain flexible circuits…

A successful gold cost reduction programme

G.F. Jacky

With an annual cost of gold exceeding 10 million dollars for its captive circuit board shop, Tektronix, Inc., established a task force to implement conservation. Elements included…

Metal core printed circuit boards

Marsha D. Beam

Metal core PCBs have been in use for some 20 years in designs where maximum thermal management in the form of heat dissipation is desirable. As past methods of fabrication…

Products • Processes • Materials • Equipment

A solid state, completely automatic, precious metal recovery unit for gold and silver metal has been introduced by Lea Ronal Ltd. of Buxton, Derbyshire. The unit is claimed to be…

Round the circuit

Richard Williams has been appointed to the Board of Micaply International as Marketing Director. He has extensive experience of the European printed circuit industry with periods…

Manual soldering

G. Leonida

Mass soldering has not entirely replaced manual soldering and it is possible to enumerate various applications of the latter. The basic tool for the manual process is the…

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