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Substrates for Surface Mounted Components

George Messner, Charles Lassen

A dramatic growth‐rate is envisaged in the next decade in the demands on the integrated circuit industry, posing the question of the necessity for new techniques. Present…

High Density Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

G. Morisaki, T. Sato, H. Kikuchi

To solve the problems associated with heat generation as packaging density increases, especially with the use of VSLI devices, high density metal core PCBs have been developed…

Polysulphone Circuitry for High Frequency Applications

Peter J. Neagle, Thomas D. Newton

In attempts to meet the need for low‐loss materials capable of attaining the dielectric properties that are required for rapidly developing microwave and high speed digital…

Etching Parameters: Their Individual and Collective Impact on High Density Circuit Production

James C. Swartzell

High density PCB production requires ever closer investigation of the factors which influence the ability to fabricate efficient circuitry. One of these, etching, is examined…

… but what are we doing to the copper?

K.R. Toms

RESCO, the Milan based PCB equipment manufacturer, has recently published the results of an investigation into the surface treatment of copper‐clad laminate. The following article…

PCB Education in Germany: TFH Berlin Offers Training in PCB Technology

The Technische Fachhochschule, Berlin, is a technical college consisting of 14 departments which offer courses in a variety of technical disciplines. One of these, the high…

Industrial Copper Clad Laminates at Bakelite — 50 Years on

Underneath the foundation stone of the Tyseley factory, set in the wall of the Block 5 moulding materials building at 12 noon on April 15, 1930, are examples of phenolic…

Wave soldering PCBs: Troubleshooting Chart

On wave soldered boards, the simultaneous appearance of more than one defect, attributable to the same cause, is relatively common. This may help in diagnosing the cause.

Round the Circuit

On 1st September, 1981, Cumatrix Electronics Limited succeeded to the business previously conducted by HTF Industrial (Midlands) Limited at Faraday Drive Industrial Estate…

Products • Processes • Materials • Equipment

The new Heller 281 PCB lead trimmer from OK Machine & Tool (UK) Ltd. claims to achieve production rates of 10 to 30 times that of conventional handtool trimming with the…

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