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Circuit World visits Huntrose

With an initial investment of between £400,000 and £500,000, Huntrose Ltd. is one of the more notable recent additions to the PCB manufacturing scene. Situated in Chard, Somerset…

Quality assessment: 14—Intermetallic compound formation

It is an accepted fact that copper‐tin intermetallic formation is necessary to produce a solder wetted copper surface. It is also a fact that this same beneficial intermetallic…

Conferences and exhibitions

M. Taylor

IMF/Printed Circuit Group—Annual Conference: Organiser: Institute of Metal Finishing Venue: Queens Hotel, Eastbourne Date: 13–15thMarch, 1979 The Printed Circuit Group of the…

Round the circuit

Give Jones has recently joined PMD Chemicals Limited of Broad Lane, Coventry, as Sales and Marketing Manager. His responsibilities include all aspects of sales and marketing…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

An Automatic Stacker specifically designed for Printed Circuit Board production has just been launched by the Coatings Division of W. Canning Engineering Ltd., Birmingham. The…

Institute news

Friday, 2nd March 1979 marked the first Dinner Dance ever held by the Institute. The venue was the Queens Hotel, Farnborough, and the function was well attended. Music was…

Wave Soldering: A look into the future

H.H. Manko

This paper deals with the thermal, chemical and metallurgical interactions between the printed circuit board and the solder wave. Special attention is devoted to the quality of…

The laminate PDR 100—characteristics and technology

A. Meozzi

The production process of the PDR 100 epoxy glass based laminate, as developed by Philips, Holland, produced laboratory results which, with appropriate modifications, were applied…

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