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Quality Assessment: 13—Abrasive and Chemical Cleaning

Long storage time and lack of adequate surface protection sometimes give rise to less than ideal soldering conditions. Heavier than normal oxidation of Copper surfaces on PWB's…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

An electric infra‐red belt conveyor has been developed by Hedinair Limited for reflow soldering applications. The most common use is for attaching components to ceramic thick film…

Round the Circuit

Bakelite The following senior management appointments have been made at Bakelite UK Limited, Tyseley, Birmingham, effective from December 1st.

Institute News

J.B. Walker

A Symposium on Circuit Technology was held at The Holiday Inn, Newcastle upon Tyne, on Thursday, 7th December, 1978.

Flexi‐Rigid Boards—A Total Interconnect System

J.A. Scarlett

The development of polyimide based multilayer flexi‐rigid boards has opened up new horizons in packaging and interconnections. It is now possible to design small electronic…

Printed Wiring Design Aspects of Using Permanent Photopolymer (Dry Film Solder Mask) Coatings

J.J. Hickman

The advantages of incorporating permanent photopolymer (dry film solder mask) coatings into high density printed wiring designs to obtain maximum component density and high…

Analytical Techniques Used to Assure Good Laminate Manufacture

H.L. Harvest

To manufacture a good laminate or multilayer system requires design and control of molecular weight distribution of the resin, correct stoichiometry, and controlled treating and…

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