Circuit World: Volume 5 Issue 1


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Filtration and Purification of Solutions Used in PCB Manufacture

J.H. Berg

Electrolytic and electroless plating solutions as well as photo resists, etc. all require solids or organic impurity removal, not only to attain, but to maintain high quality PCB…

Quality Assessment: 12—Severability

Unless surfaces which have to be soldered are prepared properly, incomplete and inadequate soldering will result along with the associated product rejects. Careful and consistent…

Round the Circuit

For many years the name of W. MacLeod Ross has been familiar to manufacturers and users of printed circuits. He has been engaged in the technology of manufacture and use and has…

Assuring PCB Shelf Life Solderability by Air Levelling

J. Keller

Processes for protecting copper surfaces during storage for solderability purposes were evaluated. The reason for the evaluation was to select the most cost effective method of…

Photography for Printed Circuits

C. Walter

This paper deals with the techniques and processes used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards from photographic masters. The basic theory is to produce the working…

Drilling Fundamentals

A.W. Arnold, P.W. Friedli

Drilling and routing are the only two conventional mechanical machining techniques used in the production of printed circuit boards. Unfortunately these operations are still often…

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