Circuit World: Volume 49 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Clean Energy Sources and Energy Efficient Electronic Systems

Guest Editors: Nagaraj Ramarao, Pallikonda Rajasekaran Murugan, Rajini Nagarajan

Study on fine lines and undercut suppression of printed circuit board prepared by electrolytic etching

Denglin Fu, Yanan Wen, Jida Chen, Lansi Lu, Ting Yan, Chaohui Liao, Wei He, Shijin Chen, Lizhao Sheng

The purpose of this paper is to study an electrolytic etching method to prepare fine lines on printed circuit board (PCB). And the influence of organics on the side corrosion…

Design of reversible Feynman and double Feynman gates in quantum-dot cellular automata nanotechnology

Sadat Riyaz, Vijay Kumar Sharma

This paper aims to propose the reversible Feynman and double Feynman gates using quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) nanotechnology with minimum QCA cells and latency which…


Comparative analysis of two-level and three-level multilevel inverter for electric vehicle application using BLDC motor drive

Bharathi Sankar Ammaiyappan, Seyezhai Ramalingam

The conventional two-level inverter suffers from harmonics, higher direct current (DC) link voltage requirement, higher dv/dt and heating of the rotor. This study aims to overcome…

Study on load monitoring and demand side management strategy based on Elman neural network optimized by sparrow search algorithm

Yuanyuan Fan, Tingyu Sui, Kang Peng, Yingjun Sang, Fei Huang

This paper aims to collect the energy consumption data and carry out energy consumption analysis of chemical enterprises, which is helpful to grasp the working conditions of each…

Design and fabrication of rotary magnetostrictvie energy harvester for knee-joint wearable applications

Baiping Yan, Dazhuo Huang, Junjie Hong, Chengming Zhang

This paper aims to present the design and fabrication of a rotary magnetostrictive energy generator, using to harvest the rotation energy of human knee joint.

Modeling and characterization of capacitor storage circuit for piezoelectric vibration energy harvester

Sheng Wei

This paper aims to study a power management circuit for a piezoelectric vibration energy harvester. It presents how to accumulate energy and provide regulated DC voltage for…

Modified unipolar SPWM inverter for solar PV applications using MATLAB/Simulink model interfaced with dSPACE DS1104

Ashok Kumar L., Kumaravel R.

The purpose of this paper is to check the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) inverter working condition with modified unipolar switching pulse. The gate pulse for the inverter switches is…

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