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Performance comparison of modified elephant herding optimization tuned MPPT for PV based solar energy systems

Annapoorani Subramanian, Jayaparvathy R.

The solar photovoltaic (PV) system is one of the outstanding, clean and green energy options available for electrical power generation. The varying meteorological operating…

Design and mathematical analysis of a 7T SRAM cell with enhanced read SNM using PMOS as an access transistor

Alok Kumar Mishra, Vaithiyanathan D., Yogesh Pal, Baljit Kaur

This work is proposed for low power energy-efficient applications like laptops, mobile phones, and palmtops. In this study, P-channel metal–oxide–semiconductor (PMOS)’s are used…

High-quality factor multipath differential fractal inductor for wireless applications

Sunil Kumar Tumma, Bheema Rao Nistala

The purpose of this study is to develop a high-quality factor fractal inductor for wireless applications such as satellite, WLAN, Bluetooth, microwave, radar and cellular phone.

A neoteric closed loop feedback controller based on correlative-elemental curvature algorithm

Nipan Kumar Das Das, Mrinal Buragohain

The power framework has become a vital part in the day-to-day life and exhibits a rapid development in this current era. Due to the fact of huge power utilization, the power…

Memristive combinational logic circuits and stochastic computing implementation scheme

Tianshu Li, Shukai Duan, Jun Liu, Lidan Wang

Stochastic computing which is an alternative method of the binary calculation has key merits such as fault-tolerant capability and low hardware cost. However, the hardware…

A fast and cost-effective short circuit protection scheme for low-power converters for small-scale photovoltaic application

Mazdak Ebadi, Negin Abbasi, Hamidreza Maghsoudi

This paper aims to propose an integrated protection scheme for converters of a low-power, low-cost photovoltaic system. Power electronic converters use a variety of methods to…

Design and implementation of a single-phase buck-type inverter via an efficient hybrid control technique

Faruk Yalcin, Ugur Arifoglu, Irfan Yazici

This paper aims to present the design and implementation of a new general-purpose single-phase buck-type inverter.

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