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Effect of thickness on optoelectronic properties of ITO thin films

Michał Mazur, Roman Pastuszek, Damian Wojcieszak, Danuta Kaczmarek, Jarosław Domaradzki, Agata Obstarczyk, Aneta Lubanska

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a material belonging to the group of transparent conductive oxides, which are widely used in many fields of technology including optoelectronics and…

Mathematical framework for three cross-over memristor and its realization employing OTAs

Kapil Bhardwaj, Mayank Srivastava

The purpose of the paper is to report an emulation configuration of a three pinch-off memristor (TPM), whose transient characteristics consist three cross-over points on the…

Bio-inspired circuitry of bee-bootstrap and Spider-latch comparator for ultra-low power SAR-ADC

Muhammad Yasir Faheem, Shun'an Zhong, Xinghua Wang, Muhammad Basit Azeem

There are many types of the ADCs implemented in the mobile and wireless devices. Most of these devices are battery operated and operational at low input voltage. SAR ADC is…

Adaptive hybrid arbiter design for real-time traffic-aware scheduling

Afshan Amin Khan, Roohie Naaz Mir, Najeeb-Ud Din

This work focused on a basic building block of an allocation unit that carries out the critical job of deciding between the conflicting requests, i.e. an arbiter unit. The purpose…

Performance evaluation of SVM-based hand gesture detection and recognition system using distance transform on different data sets for autonomous vehicle moving applications

Neethu P.S., Suguna R., Palanivel Rajan S.

This paper aims to propose a novel methodology for classifying the gestures using support vector machine (SVM) classification method. Initially, the Red Green Blue color hand…


A 23.3 dBm CMOS power amplifier with third-order gm cancellation linearization technique achieving OIP3 of 34 dBm

Selvakumar Mariappan, Jagadheswaran Rajendran, Norlaili Mohd Noh, Yusman Yusof, Narendra Kumar

The purpose of this paper is to implement a highly linear 180 nm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) power amplifier (PA) to meet the stringent linearity requirement of…

Hardware-efficient approximate multiplier architectures for media processing applications

Anil Kumar Uppugunduru, Syed Ershad Ahmed

Multipliers that form the basic building blocks in most of the error-resilient media processing applications are computationally intensive and power-hungry modules. Therefore…

Multiple-input multiple-output antenna for dual-band applications with a novel radiating patch and enhanced feeding network

Yashar Zehforoosh, Payam Alemi

An Elephant trunk shape (ETS) radiating element is used to achieve the two covering bands of multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna. These frequency bands can be controlled by…

A 12-pulse rectifier with passive harmonic reduction based on UIPT in more electric aircrafts

Rohollah Abdollahi

The purpose of this paper is to provide a T autotransformer based 12-pulse rectifier with passive harmonic reduction in more electric aircraft applications. The T autotransformer…

A high-power PCCM LED driver based on GaN eHEMT with hybrid dimming modes

Xixian Lin, Yuming Zhang, Yimeng Zhang, Guangjian Rong

The purpose of this study is to design a more flexible and larger range of the dimming circuit that achieves the independence of multiple LED strings drive and can time-multiplex…

A new hyperchaotic system from T chaotic system: dynamical analysis, circuit implementation, control and synchronization

Selcuk Emiroglu, Akif Akgül, Yusuf Adıyaman, Talha Enes Gümüş, Yılmaz Uyaroglu, Mehmet Ali Yalçın

The purpose of this paper is to develop new four-dimensional (4D) hyperchaotic system by adding another state variable and linear controller to three-dimensional T chaotic…

A novel high step-up non-isolated DC-DC converter using VL technique for perovskite PV cells

Deniz Zargari Afshar, Payam Alemi

At first, the organic/inorganic and hybrid PV materials by their electrical model are described. Then the proposed converter topology, circuit analysis and various operating modes…

Brushless direct current motor with MV-PID controller management system based on arm microcontroller

Prathibanandhi Kanagaraj, Ramesh Ramadoss, Yaashuwanth Calpakkam, Adam Raja Basha

The brushless direct current motor (BLDCM) is widely accepted and adopted by many industries instead of direct current motors due to high reliability during operation. Brushless…

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