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A 4:1 multiplexer using low-power high-speed domino technique for large fan-in gates using FinFET

Sandeep Garg, Tarun Kumar Gupta

This paper aims to propose a new fin field-effect transistor (FinFET)-based domino technique low-power series connected foot-driven transistors logic in 32 nm technology and…

Fall detection smart-shoe enabled with wireless IoT device

Abanah Shirley J., Esther Florence Sundarsingh, Saraswathi V., Sankareshwari S., Sona S.

Fall detection is a primary necessity for elderly people with medically tested nervous problems. This paper aims important to detect fall and prevent fatal injuries and untreated…

Load balancing in the internet of things using fuzzy logic and shark smell optimization algorithm

Xin Rui, Junying Wu, Jianbin Zhao, Maryam Sadat Khamesinia

Based on the positive features of the shark smell optimization (SSO) algorithm, the purpose of this paper is to propose a method based on this algorithm, dynamic voltage and…

Hybrid cascode compensation with Q-factor control module for three-stage OTAs driving ultra-large load capacitors

Hamed Aminzadeh, Mohammad Mahdi Valinezhad

The purpose of this study is to discuss the effect of hybrid cascode compensation with quality factor (Q-factor) control module for the three-stage amplifiers driving ultra-large…

Modeling and implementation of spin diode based on two dimensional materials using Monte Carlo sampling method

Swapnali Makdey, Rajendra Patrikar, Mohammad Farukh Hashmi

A “spin-diode” is the spintronics equivalent of an electrical diode: applying an external magnetic field greater than the limit of spin-diode BT flips the spin-diode between an…

Current mode fractional order PID control of wind-based quadratic boost converter inverter system with enhanced time response

Nandha Gopal J., Muthuselvan N.B.

The purpose of this paper is to enhance the response of quadratic boost converter inverter system (QBCIS) and also investigate proportional integral (PI) and fractional order…


A new tail-switching superharmonic multiphase LC-VCO

Emad Ebrahimi

Multiphase and quadrature voltage-controlled oscillators (QVCOs) play key roles in modern communication systems and their phase noise performance affects the performance of the…

Development of buck power converter circuit with ANN RL algorithm intended for power industry

Chandra Shekher Purohit, Saibal Manna, Geetha Mani, Albert Alexander Stonier

This paper aims to deal with application of artificial intelligence for solving real time control complication adhered with the controlled operation of a buck power converter…

Seven-band ultra-thin terahertz metamaterial absorber at 0.3-0.5 THz frequency

Elakkiya A., Radha Sankararajan, Sreeja B.S.

The proposed structure consists of copper as a ground plane and 50 µm polyimide dielectric layer is placed in between the ground panel and top radiating patch. Octagon and…

Commercial hard drive failures in a data center application and the role of SMART attribute information

Michael Pecht, Edmond Elburn

The reliability of hard disk drives (HDDs) is dependent on the drive construction, as well as the operational and environmental conditions, in which the drive is used…

Decisive structures for multirate FIR filter incorporating retiming and pipelining schemes

Mariammal K., Hajira Banu M., Britto Pari J., Vaithiyanathan Dhandapani

Very large-scale integration (VLSI) digital signal processing became very popular and is predominantly used in several emerging applications. The optimal design of multirate…

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