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An 8kW LLC resonant converter in plasma power supply based on SiC power devices for efficiency improvement

Zhenmin Wang, Wenyan Fan, Fangxiang Xie, Chunxian Ye

This paper aims to present an 8 kW LLC resonant converter designed for plasma power supply with higher efficiency and lighter structure. It presents how to solve the problems of…

Pencil-on-paper flexible electronics for daily sensing applications

Yan Liu, Hai Wang, Wei Zhao, Min Zhang, Hongbo Qin

Inspired by the development of eco-friendly flexible electronics, this paper aims to present a series of paper-based electronics drawn by pencils, which can be used as favorable…


Variability aware FinFET SRAM cell with improved stability and power for low power applications

Shilpi Birla

Major area of a die is consumed in memory components. Almost 60-70% of chip area is being consumed by “Memory Circuits”. The dominant memory in this market is SRAM, even though…

A chaotic circuit under a new classification framework of inductorless Chua’s circuits

Lei Zhu, Minghai Pan, Xiaohua Qiao

This paper aims to classify the inductorless Chua’s circuits into two types from the topological structures and construct a chaotic circuit under this new classification framework.

Numerical simulation and experiments to improve throwing power for practical PCB through-holes plating

Jing Xiang, Chong Wang, Yuanming Chen, Feng Xia, Wei He, Hua Miao, Jinqun Zhou, Qingguo Chen, Xiaofeng Jin

The purpose of this study is to investigate the synergism of convection, current density distribution and additives by numerical simulation and electrochemical experiments for…

Novel symmetrical step-down topologies of zigzag autotransformer

JiaRong Wang, XiaoQiang Chen

This paper aims to obtain a symmetrical step-down topology with lower equivalent capacity and wider step-down range under the condition of the same output. Three new symmetrical…

Design of a novel triple-band monopole antenna for WLAN/WiMAX MIMO applications in the laptop computer

Jayshri Sharad Kulkarni, Raju Seenivasan

This paper aims to present a triple-band monopole antenna design of 0.2-mm thickness with an overall dimension of 21 × 8 mm2 for wireless local area network (WLAN)/worldwide…

A reliable model for the compensation loop of multistage amplifiers at high frequency

Hamed Aminzadeh

Multistage amplifiers require a reliable frequency compensation solution to remain stable in a closed-loop configuration. A frequency compensation scheme creates an inner negative…

Cryogenic auxiliary drilling of printed circuit boards

Dantian Lin, Chengyong Wang, Lianyu Fu, Yong Ke, Yuxing He, Gexian Fang, Junxiong Yao, Xin Huang, Lijuan Zheng

Large capacity current carrier printed circuit board (PCB) imposes strict control requirements on the hole wall roughness. The key factors are chip removal, drilling temperature…


Design of K-band modified hairpin filter with harmonic suppression using GaAs MMIC process

Jin Guan, Min Gong, Bo Gao, Yuxi Lu, Yu Lu

The purpose of this paper is to present a K-band modified hairpin bandpass filter on a planar circuit with harmonic suppression and compact size.

Performance analysis of differential spin hall effect (DSHE)-MRAM-based logic gates

Piyush Tankwal, Vikas Nehra, Sanjay Prajapati, Brajesh Kumar Kaushik

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and compare the characteristics of hybrid conventional complementary metal oxide semiconductor/magnetic tunnel junction (CMOS/MTJ) logic…

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