Circuit World: Volume 45 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: IMAPS 2018

Guest Editors: Agata Skwarek

Joints realized by sintering of pressureless Ag paste

Alena Pietrikova, Tomas Girasek, Lubomir Livovsky, Juraj Durisin, Karel Saksl

The purpose of this paper was to investigate an influence of a low temperature pressureless sintering process of silver paste on the quality of sintered joints.

Photonic curing of silver paths on 3D printed polymer substrate

Jakub Krzeminski, Bartosz Blicharz, Andrzej Skalski, Grzegorz Wroblewski, Małgorzata Jakubowska, Marcin Sloma

Despite almost limitless possibilities of rapid prototyping, the idea of 3D printed fully functional electronic device still has not been fulfilled – the missing point is a highly…

Investigation of inkjet printed path resistance in the context of manufacture and flexible application

Grzegorz Tomaszewski, Jerzy Potencki, Grzegorz Błąd, Tadeusz Wałach, Grzegorz Gajór, Alena Pietrikova, Peter Lukacs

The purpose of this paper is to study the repeatability of path manufacturing in the drop on demand inkjet printing process and the influences of environmental and application…

Electrical and rheological percolation threshold of graphene pastes for screen-printing

Lucja Dybowska-Sarapuk, Daniel Janczak, Bartlomiej Podsiadly, Malgorzata Jakubowska, Marcin Sloma

A comparison of electric and viscosity percolation threshold is crucial from the scientific and technical points of view to understand the features and capabilities of…

Piezoresistive effect in embedded thick-film resistors

Janusz Borecki, Aneta Araźna, Kamil Janeczek, Jerzy Kalenik, Michał Kalenik, Wojciech Stęplewski, Rafał Tarakowski

Nowadays, using of material properties for monitoring of phenomena occurring in the surrounding environment is very desirable. Taking into account the dynamic development of…

Advances on high current load effects on lead-free solder joints of SMD chip-size components and BGAs

Dániel Straubinger, Attila Géczy, András Sipos, András Kiss, Dániel Gyarmati, Oliver Krammer, Dániel Rigler, David Bušek, Gábor Harsányi

This paper aims to present a novel approach on investigating critical current densities in the solder joints of chip-size surface-mounted components or device (SMD) components and…

Signal integrity in microelectronic hybrid systems made on metal substrates

Dariusz Klepacki, Wieslaw Sabat, Kazimierz Kamuda, Kazimierz Kurylo

This paper aims to present the problems connected with integrity of electrical signals in microelectronic hybrid systems made on metal substrates. The systems made on ferritic and…

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