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Effects of CCL inorganic filler on hole performance in PCB drilling process

Cuiming Du, Yanxia Xing, Liangpeng Hao, Peng Hu, Songgang Chai

This paper aims to investigate and document the effects of copper-clad laminate (CCL) inorganic filler on the hole performance in printed circuit boards drilling process.

The influence of properties of printed circuit board resin and filler on drilling force

Hongyan Shi, Xiaoke Lin, Qiuxin Yan, JiaNan Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to study and obtain the influence of resin and filler properties of printed circuit board (PCB) on the drilling force during micro drilling.

Dynamic impedance compensation for WPT using a compensator in a three-coil wireless power transfer system

Suqi Liu, Jianping Tan

The purpose of this paper is to study the wireless power transfer (WPT) system that always achieves the maximum output power at a fixed angular frequency using the dynamic…

Initial conditions-related dynamical behaviors in PI-type memristor emulator-based canonical Chua’s circuit

Bocheng Bao, Jiaoyan Luo, Han Bao, Quan Xu, Yihua Hu, Mo Chen

The purpose of this paper is to construct a proportion-integral-type (PI-type) memristor, which is different from that of the previous memristor emulator, but the constructing…

Characterization of a novel 10T SRAM cell with improved data stability and delay performance for 20-nm tri-gated FinFET technology

Mitesh Jethabhai Limachia, Rajesh A. Thakker, Nikhil J. Kothari

This paper aims to propose a new ten-transistor (10T) SRAM bit-cell with differential read and write operations. The cell structure has read buffer on each side of the cell to…

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