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Effects of MnSO4 on microstructure and electrical resistance properties of electroless Ni−P thin-films and its application in embedded resistor inside PCB

Guoyun Zhou, Chia-Yun Chen, Liyi Li, Zhihua Tao, Wei He, C.P. Wong

Nickel phosphorus (Ni−P) thin-films have been electrolessly deposited in an acid-plating bath with the addition of manganese sulfate monohydrate (MSM) to achieve higher resistance…

Method development for the cyclic characterization of thin copper layers for PCB applications

K. Fellner, P.F. Fuchs, G. Pinter, T. Antretter, T. Krivec

The overall aim of this research work was the improvement of the failure behavior of printed circuit boards (PCBs). In order to describe the mechanical behavior of PCBs under…

Experimental study on micro-drills wear during high speed of drilling IC substrate

Linfang Wang, Lijuan Zheng, Cheng yong Wang, Shan Li, Yuexian Song, Lunqiang Zhang, Peng Sun

Compared with the traditional printed circuit board (PCB) drilling process, the technology of drilling IC substrate is facing more problems, such as much smaller hole diameter…

Evaluation of the peel strength in Cu/epoxy thin film using a novel interfacial cutting method

Seok-Hwan Huh, Kang-Dong Kim, Keun-Soo Kim

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the relationship between the Cu trace and epoxy resin and to check the validity of surface and interfacial cutting analysis system…

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