Circuit World: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Design Considerations for Flush Circuits

James Wheeler

A flush circuit is one in which the surface of the conductor is within a minute fraction of an inch from the surface of the substrate itself. Flush circuits are produced by adding…

Some Thoughts on Crossovers

R.G. Aggleton

In order to improve packing density and make fuller use of standard DIL insertion machines, a range of inexpensive multiple crossover networks in DIL packages is proposed.

Computer Aided Design of Printed Circuit Boards

Robert L. Myers

The initial motivation for photoplotting artwork was increasing accuracy requirements. Photoplotting requires translating a design to digital form before creating the artwork…

Quality Assessment: 10—Epoxy Resin Smear

One of the problems usually associated with improperly drilled plated through holes is epoxy resin smear. The problem generally exhibits itself as a thin layer of epoxy resin…

Round the Circuit

Interest Groves for First East‐European Inter‐Nepcon Presently considered as one of the largest untapped markets for electronics production and associated equipment, the USSR and…

Printed Wiring Board Cleanliness Testing

Carl J. Tautscher

This paper discusses the MIL‐P‐28809 Cleanliness Standard and Test, the reasons for testing, how to test, how much it will cost and what the benefits and limitations are.

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