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Putting 3D interconnection technologies into perspective from chip to system

Joseph Fjelstad

The purpose of this paper is to provide a historical perspective and framework for appreciating the evolution of 3D interconnection technologies from past to present.

The use of ultrasound to enable low temperature electroless plating

Andrew J. Cobley, Veronica Saez

Electroless plating is an important process in printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing but typically requires temperatures of 70‐95°C to give a suitable deposition…

Recovery of copper from PCB manufacturing effluent using chitin and chitosan

Martin Goosey, Rod Kellner

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the potential for using chitin and chitosan sustainable materials to absorb copper from PCB manufacturing effluent and to report the…

Advanced surface protection for improved reliability PCB systems (ASPIS)

Andy Ballantyne, Greg Forrest, Martin Goosey, Asta Griguceviciene, Jurga Juodkazyte, Rod Kellner, Aleksandr Kosenko, Rimantas Ramanauskas, Karl Ryder, Algirdas Selskis, Rima Tarozaite, Erik Veninga

The purpose of this paper is to detail progress on the European Commission supported FP7 ASPIS project that is undertaking a multi‐faceted approach to develop novel and improved…

A multi‐electrode array (MEA) biochip with excimer laser‐produced micro‐well features

Olivia M. Flaherty, Xiaoyun Cui, Divya Rajamohan, David Hutt, Chris Denning, Paul P. Conway, Andrew A. West

The purpose of this paper is to highlight a novel manufacturing process for a biochip with a multi‐electrode array (MEA) that is specifically designed for use in characterising…

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