Circuit World: Volume 36 Issue 4


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Passive assembly of parallel optical devices onto polymer‐based optical printed circuit boards

Richard C.A. Pitwon, Ken Hopkins, Dave Milward, Malcolm Muggeridge, David R. Selviah, Kai Wang

The purpose of this paper is to present the latest results from research and development into future optical printed circuit board (OPCB) interconnects and low‐cost assembly…

RF‐MEMS switches on a printed circuit board platform

Keryn Lian, Manes Eliacin, Robert Lempkowski, Marc Chason, Matthew O'Keefe, James Drewniak

The purpose of this paper is to present a new class of printed circuit board (PCB)‐based, radio frequency micro‐electro‐mechanical systems (RF‐MEMS) switches and to describe the…

P3T – a new technology for the cost and resource efficient inline production of flexible printed circuits, RFID antennas and biosensors

Jochen Borris, Michael Thomas, Antje Dohse, Claus‐Peter Klages, Andreas Möbius, Danica Elbick, Ulrich Prinz, Karl‐Heinz Wandner, Ernst‐Rudolf Weidlich

The purpose of this paper is to present details of the plasma printing and packaging technology (P3T), a new reel‐to‐reel technology under development for the cost and resource…

Gigabit data transmission with a novel flexible printed circuit structure

Yu‐Chang Pai, Shou‐kuo Sogo Hsu

The purpose of this paper is to present the problem of high‐speed data transmission on flexible printed circuits (FPC) and the common method for transmission signal designs on…

Development of a micro drill bit with a high aspect ratio

Lianyu Fu, Xueguang Li, Qiang Guo

The purpose of this paper is to present key points relating to the development of micro drill bits with high aspect ratios and to provide a solution for high aspect ratio hole…

Recycling of waste printed circuit boards

G.Q. Wu, Z.K. Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to present an update and the latest results from work on a project aimed at enabling waste printed circuit board (WPCB) recycling to become more…

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