Circuit World: Volume 32 Issue 4


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Intermetallic compound formation and solderability for immersion tin

C.M. Chan, K.H. Tong, R.W.M. Kwok

To investigate the relationship between intermetallic compound (IMC) formation and solderability for immersion tin deposit under different number of reflows.

Influence of the binder system on current and future demands for base materials

Bernd Hoevel, Ludovic Valette, Tomoyuki Aoyama

To give an overview of the problems that can occur with base laminate materials when converting to lead‐free soldering and to give guidance on possible solutions.

Can laser direct imaging (LDI) meet the needs of high density interconnect (HDI) mass‐production and packaging manufacturers?

Uwe Altmann

To give an overview of the main needs of PCB manufacturers and to show how these needs can be met using laser direct imaging (LDI) technology.

New technologies for a sustainable printed circuit board manufacturing process: further results

Narinder Bains, Kate Geraghty, Martin Goosey

To present an update and the latest results from work on a project aimed at enabling printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing to become more sustainable.


European printed circuit board (PCB) technology and environmental trends: their impact on PCB supply from China

Michael K. Weinhold

To give an introductory overview of the key issues that need to be addressed when manufacturing PCBs in China for the European market.


Technology roadmapping and the supply chain

John T. (Jack) Fisher

To introduce the four key industry roadmaps used by the electronics industry and to illustrate which parts of the supply chain each serves.


Brominated flame retardants: their potential impacts and routes into the environment

Emma Goosey

To give an overview of the mechanisms by which brominated flame retardants (BFRs) used in the electronics industry enter, and are transported, in the environment. The potential…


The influence of temperature on the efficiency of electroplating from various ionic liquids

Stuart Lambert

To study the influence of temperature on the electroplating efficiency of various metals from ionic liquids.

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