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Open trace defects in FR4 printed circuit boards

Sanka Ganesan, Michael Pecht

To present and discuss open trace defects uncovered in an FR4 assembly during electrical testing.


Characterization of organic multi‐mode optical waveguides for electro‐optical printed circuit boards (EOPCB)

Li‐Cheng Shen, Wei‐Chung Lo, Hsiang‐Hung Chang, Huan‐Chun Fu, Yuan‐Chang Lee, Yu‐Chih Chen, Shu‐Ming Chang, Wun‐Yan Chen, Ming‐Chieh Chou

To characterise the optical performance of organic multi‐mode optical waveguides integrated with printed circuit board (PCB) and to demonstrate the feasibility of 2.5 and 10 Gbps…

Direct immersion gold (DIG) as a final finish

Shigeo Hashimoto, Masayuki Kiso, Yukinori Oda, Horoshi Otake, George Milad, Don Gudaczauskas

To report on research on the alternative surface finish “direct gold on copper”, including reaction mechanism, methods of deposition and end uses.

A new fine‐grained matte pure tin for semiconductor lead‐frame applications

Keith Whitlaw, Jeff Crosby, Mike Toben

To present a new tin plating process which provides deposits having a fine‐grained structure and stable crystal orientation with a combination of properties which are well suited…

High frequency conductor loss impact of oxide and oxide alternative processes

Gary Brist, Don Cullen

To examine the impact of oxide and oxide alternative processes on signal loss in commercial RF applications.


Integrated inductors on liquid crystal polymer substrate for RF applications

Gang Zou, Hans Grönqvist, Johan Liu

To investigate the fabrication of integrated inductors on a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate. To analyze the RF performance of the integrated inductors.

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