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High frequency PCB base materials – a comparison of thermomechanical properties

Sylvia Ehrler

There is increasing customer demand for materials with low dissipation factors for reduced loss along the traces and low dielectric constants for higher signal propagation speeds…


High performance epoxy copper clad laminate

Fang Kehong

In recent years, with the development trends towards lighter, shorter and smaller high performance and high reliability electronic products, printed circuit boards have…

High‐performance substrate from new epoxy resin and enhanced copper foil

Ludovic Valette, Rudolf Wiechmann

The Dow Chemical Company has developed a new epoxy‐based system to serve the growing need for high‐performance dielectric substrates, requiring high thermal reliability (high Tg

An innovative “ChemicalVia” process for the production of high density interconnect printed circuit boards

Vitor da Silva, Rui de Oliveira, David Watts, Erik van der Bij

The ChemicalVia process, patented by CERN, provides a new method of making microvias in high‐density multilayer printed circuit boards of different types, such as sequential…

An introduction to high performance laminates and the importance of using optimised chemical processes in PCB fabrication

Martin Goosey, Mark Poole

With the ever increasing demands for high performance electronic devices there is a need for circuit board laminates that have enhanced properties when compared to conventional…

A novel method for sequentially‐building multi‐layer circuits using LCP laminates, cap‐layers and bond plys

Cliff Roseen

Development efforts at Rogers are continuing on R/flex® liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) materials for printed circuit production. As an extension of our EIPC Spring 2003 paper…

PCB drillability: a material science approach to resin development

Nikhil Verghese

In the manufacturing process for making printed circuit boards (PCB) it is necessary to drill holes in the base copper clad laminate. This is a crucial step in the case of…


What share of the global upturn can Europe retain?

Hans J. Friedrichkeit

This paper views the economic situation for electronic component manufacturers worldwide, focusing particularly on those in Europe. It notes that recovery will proceed at a…

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