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Effects of conductor surface condition on signal integrity

Martin Bayes, Al Horn

The evolution of digital electronic systems to ever‐faster pulse rise times has placed increased demands on printed wiring board (PWB) materials. Signal loss associated with…


Modified mixed metal oxide coated anodes for reduced additive consumption in base metal plating baths

S. Menard, J. Wurm

Insoluble and therefore oxygen developing anodes tend to destroy additives in plating baths. With a modified mixed metal oxide coated anode, it is possible to reduce the…

A new phase for vapour‐phase – an overview of the current status of vapour phase technology for soldering and related applications

Russ Wood

This paper focuses on the renewed interest in the use of condensation, or vapour‐phase, soldering in lead‐free surface mount assembly soldering and notes also the corresponding…

Micro via filling plating technology for IC substrate applications

Cheng‐Ching Yeh, Kuo‐Hsing Lan, Wei‐Ping Dow, Jui‐Hsia Hsu, Cliff Lee, Chih‐Hao Hsu, Ken Lee, Jordan Chen, Philip Lu

The trend of electronic products toward lighter, thinner, and faster transmission is challenging the printed circuit board industry to incorporate high density interconnection…

A novel copper electroplating formula for laser‐drilled micro via and through hole filling

Wei‐Ping Dow, Hsiang‐Hao Chen

Printed circut boards (PCBs) have diminished in size and, simultaneously, their circuit densities have increased. Conventional multi‐layered PCBs have a limitation to higher…


Development of an electroless nickel immersion gold process for PCB final finishes

R.W.M. Kwok, K.C.M. Chan, M.W. Bayes

A new generation of electroless nickel immersion gold process has been developed that is targeted to solve the “Black Nickel issue”. The development involved the understanding of…


UK PCB Industry 1997 to 2003

Fiona M. Reed, D. Patrick Webb, Kathryn Walsh, Paride Carpineta

This paper presents a snapshot of the status of the UK printed circuit board (PCB) industry in 2003. Comparisons are made with a similar study from 1997. Data are presented…

Sustainable technologies for the regeneration of acidic tin stripping solutions used in PCB fabrication

Charlie Kerr

Electroplated tin deposits are used as etch resists during the processing of printed circuit boards. The tin coating protects the copper tracks during etching but is subsequently…

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