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The new immersion tin generation in practical operation – a surface finish process including the world's first organic metal

Sabine Schröder

This paper describes the properties of a new generation of immersion tin as a solderable surface finish for printed circuit boards. The new process combines the unique technology…

Experiences gained manufacturing high density interconnect (HDI) printed wiring boards (PWBs)

Tarja Rapala‐Virtanen

Higher packaging densities for the next generation of electronic devices require utilization of the inner space of a PWB for component placement. This will shift some added value…

Surface coatings for fluxless soldering of copper

Changqing Liu, David A. Hutt

The solder interconnection of components to printed circuit boards normally utilises a flux to enable the efficient removal of oxide layers from the metals to be joined. While…

How advanced low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) laminates and prepregs can improve the reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Michael Weinhold, George Yen

This paper details the impact of “Coefficient of Thermal Expansion” (CTE) imbalances caused by the different materials used in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It will also provide…

An introduction to laser direct imaging for high density interconnects

Udi Omer

This paper gives a short introduction to the features of laser direct imaging (LDI) that make it a valuable technology for high density interconnect (HDI) manufacturing. Outlines…

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