Circuit World: Volume 28 Issue 2


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A third‐generation circuit printing process

P.S.A. Evans, P.M. Harrey, D.J. Harrison, Z. Begum

This paper concerns a novel process for forming additive copper interconnect on flexible substrates via printing and plating processes. Building on the established conductive…

The applicability of electrodeposited photoresists in producing ultra‐fine lines using sputtered seeding layers

Paavo Jalonen, Aulis Tuominen

Photolithographic techniques are universally employed in multi‐layer printed circuit board manufacturing. The growing demand for miniaturization of electronics means that finer…

Development of a standard test method for evaluating conductive anodic filament (CAF) growth failure in PCBs

Clarissa Navarro

Increasing board densities, decreasing spacing between holes and features and the growing requirement for printed circuit boards to perform in high temperature/high humidity…

The production of large format backplanes—part 1

Gary Morse

Reviews the equipment and processing challenges involved in the initial stages of the manufacture of large area back plane printed wiring boards and describes some of the…


Direct legend printing (DLP) on printed circuit boards using piezoelectric inkjet technology

Kim Clay, Ian Gardner, Eric Bresler, Mike Seal, Stuart Speakman

The industry standard for applying the identification nomenclature to Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is silkscreen legend printing, using white ink. This multi‐step process has…


Analysis and comparison of WLCSP‐on‐build‐up PCB assemblies with various solders and microvia configurations

S.‐W. Ricky Lee, John H. Lau

In this paper, a computational analysis is presented for the comparison of wafer level chip scale package‐on‐build‐up PCB assemblies with various solders and microvia…

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