Circuit World: Volume 27 Issue 3


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ED photo resist technology becomes a manufacturing process

Walter G. Hertlein, Kent Törnkvist, Kevin Smith

The ever‐increasing miniaturization and integration of additional functions in the electronics industry – in particular in the next generation telecomm technologies – needs a…

Market trends of sequential build‐up (SBU) printed wiring boards (PWB) in Japan

Norie Matsui

Reports on the market trends of sequential build‐up board, based on the survey and analysis conducted by Japan Marketing Survey Co. Ltd.

Methods for achieving high speed acid copper electroplating in the PCB industry

A.J. Cobley, D.R. Gabe

Significant reductions in the cycle time for the desmear, “making holes conductive” and imaging stages of the printed circuit board manufacturing process have been achieved by the…


Reliability of flip chips on FR‐4 assembled with reduced process steps

Zhaowei Zhong

This paper discusses processes of flip chip on FR‐4 using eutectic solder bumps with possible fewer process steps compared to the full assembly process. Some interesting results…

Lithographic film circuits – a review

P.S.A. Evans, P.M. Harrey, B.J. Ramsey, D.J. Harrison

Conductive lithographic films (CLF) are an emerging fabrication process for electronic interconnect and a range of passive component structures. This paper reviews the…


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