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Allowable copper thickness for fine pitch patterns formed by a subtractive method

Takuya Yamamoto, Takashi Kataoka, John Andresakis

The subtractive method is widely used to produce high‐density PWBs. It is generally accepted that a pattern pitch of 100 microns or less cannot be achieved by the subtractive…


Specially developed glass fabrics for ultimate small diameter holes of high density board by build‐up method

Yasuyuki Kimura

A developmental project has been initiated to create a new type of glass fabric, whose fibers are to be uniformly distributed in the laminate so as to comply with the requirement…

Elastic, elastic‐plastic and creep analyses of wafer level chip scale package solder joints on microvia build‐up printed circuit boards

John H. Lau

The solder‐joint reliability of solder‐bumped wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) on microvia build‐up printed circuit board (PCB) subjected to thermal cycling conditions is…

Residues in printed wiring boards and assemblies

Douglas Pauls

This paper is an examination of residues on printed wiring boards and printed wiring assemblies. Sources of residues are illustrated and the effects of various residues are…

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