Circuit World: Volume 25 Issue 4


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Use of Organic Metal to enhance the operating window and solderability of immersion tin

Bernhard Wessling

As an alternative to hot air levelling, a fundamentally new surface finish chemistry and process for solderability preservation of printed circuit boards is described: a…

New normal‐propyl bromide based cleaning technology for the electronics industry

Suae‐chen Chang, Ronald L. Shubkin

Precision cleaning with solvent systems based on n‐propyl bromide (nPB) has become an important component of the circuit board fabrication process. The nPB‐based cleaners have…

The constraints of vias and layers and their impact on PCB design strategy

P.J. Palmer, D.J. Williams

This paper explores the use of models of substrate behaviour to examine the wireability constraints on PCBs due to signal layers and buried and through vias. The importance of…


Optimal printed wiring board design for high I/O density chip size packages

Chirag S. Patel, Kevin P. Martin, James D. Meindl

This paper addresses the issues involved in the design of high‐density boards for high‐density chip scale packages. An analytical model is developed to calculate the number of…


Controlling emissions stemming from the hot air solder leveling process

Matthew A. Lee

The oil, flux, and solder added to a hot air solder leveling tool creates an emission of oil mist, acidic gases, and solid metal compounds. The oil tends to form into very fine…

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