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Implementation of liquid resists for the manufacture of inner layers in a merchant PCB manufacturing plant: a steep learning curve

J. Riguidel, T. Ridler

This paper details the experiences gained by a photoresist manufacturer, an equipment supplier and a PCB manufacturing end user in the conversion of an inner layer production…


Temperature cycling effects in some glob top polymer materials

C.G.L. Khoo, Johan Liu

Three common glob top encapsulant materials, two epoxy‐based, and one silicone‐based, were characterized prior to temperature cycling using differential scanning calorimetry…


Organic substrates for environmentally friendly electronic devices

T. Fischer, J. Hähnlein, W. Haas, V. Landes

Legislation in Germany and in many other countries states that electronic devices should be protected against fire. In accordance with this, most electronic and electrical…

In situ temperature measurements of PQFPs during infrared reflow

M. Dube, T.J. Dishongh, K.E. Beatty, M. Pecht

Temperature measurements using thermocouples are made at several locations on J‐leaded plastic quad‐flat packs and printed wiring boards during the reflow soldering process. Both…


A flexible production laser system for blind via drilling

Anton Kitai, Jim Morrison

Drilling blind vias with lasers has become more and more popular over the past three years as PWB fabricators and OEMs recognize the benefits of a process that has high…


Development of an HDI photovia process for portable products

Allyson Beuhler, Aroon Tungare, John Savic

The use of a “microvia” process for the fabrication of high density printed circuit boards and IC packages offers many advantages in terms of producing high interconnect density…

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