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Confronting the Challenges of Change

Thomas J Damrich

“The only constant in today's world is change”. We've heard this many times over the past several years. It has become a cliche. Fact is, not only is it true, but change is coming…

Current Situation with regard to PCB Production in the Western Part of the Former USSR

V.M. Evzhenko, A.G. Chebotarevsky

An analysis is given of the present situation regarding PCB production in six independent states of the former USSR. The distinctive characteristics of the PCB industry under the…

Innovations in Organics Circuit Packaging Technology

J.M. Brauer, W.T. Chen

This paper describes some recent innovations in design, process and materials in printed circuit laminate technology, which can lead to significant paradigm shifts in the design…

A Comparative Study on Methods for Cleaning and Preparation of the Board Surface with a Suspension of Abrasives in the Production of Fine Line Printed Circuits

U. Aiassa

A comparative study on methods for cleaning copper‐clad boards with abrasive slurries is presented. A number of methods are analysed in detail; the conclusions indicate that brush…

Organic Microelectronic Packages: Challenges for a PCB Manufacturer

T. zur Nieden

The driving forces behind recent significant improvements in organic packages for microelectronic applications are electrical performance, product weight, size and manufacturing…

A Large Format Modified TEA CO2 Laser Based Process for Cost‐effective Small Via Generation

J.M. Morrison, T.G. Tessier, B. Gu

Recently, a Transverse Excited Atmospheric (TEA) CO2 laser technology has been developed for the micro‐machining of vias in non‐reinforced glass laminates. This system has been…

Contract Electronics Manufacture Moves Ahead as Growth in European Assembled Surface Area Declines

M. Hannon

This paper addresses the increasing market and technological changes coming to bear on West European electronics assembly. The twin pincer forces of increasing low‐cost base…

Latest Results with New Halogen‐free Flame‐retardant Base Materials

W. von Gentzkow, W. Rogler

In order to meet international standards, PCB base materials have to be flame‐retardant according to the UL 94V specification. Up to now this has been achieved with FR‐4 materials…

Cirbo Ltd, Bodmin, Cornwall, England

Lorna Cullen

A 20‐minute drive inland from the immaculate little new airport above the resort of Newquay takes the visitor to the market town of Bodmin situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor and…

Success for CEMA at CEMEX 94

Stewart Hildred

With the presentation of this year's CEMEX show in September the Circuit Equipment and Materials Association has certainly chalked up another success.

Report on EIPC Italian Seminar 1994

T. Galbraith

Stepping off the British Airways flight from Heathrow into the midday sun of Bologna, Italy, it is amazing the difference in temperature two short hours can make. A brief bus…

European Joint Conference IV Held in St Petersburg, Russia

Thomas J. Dammrich

The European Joint Conference was held in St Petersburg, Russia. Approximately 120 people attended the conference, many bringing along spouses who enjoyed visiting this beautiful…


Matthew Macariou

The latest industry statistics recently published by the PCIF indicate that the UK printed circuit fabrication industry has emerged from the recession leaner and fitter…

International Institute News

It was agreed during discussions at CEMEX 94 that CEMA will support CPCA '95.

Industry News

Robert Linsdell has become UK Sales Director of Morton Electronic Materials, having been responsible for the management of the company's sales and marketing activities since 1990…

New Products

Astro Technology is offering the SVS 7400 and 7500 systems for automated inspection of solder paste and component placement, to ensure quality build and high yield in…

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