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When asking whether PCBs are important, one receives various answers to this — for the PCB business — vital question. All answers are possible between the two extremes, e.g., PCBs…

Enabling Technologies for Low‐count Chip Packaging

H. Hashemi, M. Olla, C. Spooner, D. Walshak

This paper explores the enabling technologies and thermal performance trade‐offs associated with inserting small multichip modules (MCMs) into surface mount packages. Using…

Desmear — The Key Processes for Reliable Through‐plating of Printed Circuitry

A. Angstenberger

The paper describes in detail the basics of manufacturing printed circuits and all relevant interactions with the currently used methods of desmearing. A matrix proposes the…

PCB Fabrication Technologies for Improved Performance and Cost

P.L. Britton

Lower manufacturing costs and improved performance are required by the printed circuit board industry. This paper focuses on manufacturing technologies that will permit both…

Lead‐free Solders for Electronic Packaging and Assembly

J.S. Hwang, Z. Guo

In terms of science, technologies and end‐use applications, ‘lead‐free solders’ are a very broad subject. This paper is intended to highlight the key issues of this broad subject…

The Determination of Flux Residue Safety: The State of the Art

B.N. Ellis

The need to use cleaning methods other than traditional CFC‐113 solvent for hi‐rel electronics imposes more rigid cleanliness testing. In the past, this was mainly limited to…

Small Steps or a Large Stride?

D. Kingsley

The electronics interconnection industry has progressed from the early invention of the thermionic valve to today's surface mount technology, where the development of large‐scale…

Material Selection for PCMCIA Card Circuit Boards

This paper will enable printed circuit board shops to manufacture PCMCIA multilayers with more confidence. It provides an insight into base material selection and also into…

CEMEX 94 — Showcase for the Industry: 20–22 September 1994, Birmingham, UK

This year marks another important milestone for the Circuit Equipment and Materials Association (CEMA). Plans for the third of our UK shows are entering their final phase as we…


The biggest buyers of electronic components in the UK are the UK‐based manufacturing arms of Japanese electronics companies. Among them, these inward investors purchase over £1…

International Institute News

Trevor Galbraith

During the first half of this year the Association has continued to expand its exhibition programme by increasing its presence at overseas shows. Two DTI sponsored joint venture…

Industry News

Nicolas E. Yanaki has been appointed to the new position of Director of Research and Development of CMI International whose European subsidiary is CMI (Europe) Ltd, located in…

New Products

Du Pont has introduced a new range of low residue solder pastes, specially developed for the attachment of fine pitch and other surface mount components to printed circuit boards…

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