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PWB Interconnect Strategy Using a Full Build Electroless Copper Plating System: Part 4: The Future of the FBE Process

K. Minten, K. Kitchens, J. Cisson

In the preceding three parts of this series, the authors have extensively reviewed and quantified the special processing sequences required for the ‘additive’ and ‘semi‐additive’…

No Clean Mass Reflow of Large Plastic Ball Grid Array Packages

J. Lau, J. Miremadi, J. Gleason, R. Haven, S. Ottoboni, S. Mimura

A no‐clean mass reflow process for 396‐pin, 324‐pin and 225‐pin over moulded plastic pad array carriers (OMPACs) or plastic ball grid array (BGA) is presented. Emphasis is placed…

Solderability Preservative Coatings: Electroless Tin vs Organic Azoles

I. Artaki, U. Ray, A.M. Jackson, H.M. Gordon, P.T. Vianco

Substitution of lead‐free solders in electronic assemblies requires changes in the conventional Sn:Pb finishes on substrates and component leads to prevent contamination of the…

Asian Electronics and PWB Production, Market and Technology

H. Nakahara

The economic growth of Pacific Asian countries in the last three decades is unmatched elsewhere. Financial muscle in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore is comparable to that in New…

The World Printed Circuit Industry

W.D. Custer, R.C. Linsdell, S.W. Shoemaker

This paper examines the size, scope and electronic equipment end‐market ‘drivers’ of the world printed circuit industry. Topics include general industry trends, the…

PCB Investment Strategy into the 1990s

R.L. Tyler

This paper will debate the issues affecting the OEM's future use of PCBs during the years leading up to 2000. It will explore the primary driving forces that will influence the…


Key areas affecting the future survival of the UK printed circuit fabrication industry are being probed by the ‘April Project’, a major new initiative launched by the PCIF.

International Institute News

Following the endorsement of the new plans for this year's show at the last AGM, the initial stages of the promotional campaign for CEMEX 94 have been launched. The information…

Industry News

British automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment manufacturer, Lloyd Doyle, has made several key appointments in its continued growth as a supplier of PCB inspection equipment.

New Products

A new range of non‐contact, non‐immersion stencil/screen cleaners has been launched by Surf Systems. The advent of new generation non‐CFC cleaning fluids for removal of solder…

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