Circuit World: Volume 17 Issue 3


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Introducing the International Circuit Designers Association (ICDA)

Michael Weinhold

Ten years ago, long before surface mounting became an issue for mass production, the role of the printed circuit designer was mainly to design a conductive interconnect with…

Plasma Cleaning of Lands to Improve Bonding of Surface Mount Components to Printed Wiring Boards

R.D. Rust, D.A. Doane, I. Sawchyn

The bonding of surface mounted components to printed wiring boards (PWBs) is critical to the high yield assembly of components to the PWB. This process is one of the last steps…

Design Guidelines for Polymer Thick‐film Technology

L. Halbo, C.W. Nielsen, S. Nørlyng

The paper gives design guidelines for polymer thick‐film technology (PTF). After an introduction reviewing the main PTF properties, materials and processes, detailed PTF design…

Liquid Photoresist Techniques for Fine Pattern Flexible Printed Circuits

S. Kiyota, T. Koizumi, S. Kobayashi

This paper presents a new roll‐to‐roll (R‐R) production system modified for fine line patterning of flexible printed circuits (FPCs) using the subtractive method. The R‐R system…

Bow and Twist in the Printed Circuit Manufacturing Industry

D. Heywood

‘Bow and Twist’ is a phrase that is commonly used to cover all forms of non‐flat distortion in the PCB industry. The shape that distortions can assume are analysed and quantified;…

Will Direct Plate Methods Replace Electroless Copper PTH Technology?

H. Thrasher

Industry pressure to find a more environmentally sound replacement for electroless copper technology is resulting in an increasing level of research and development by companies…

Influence of Direct Current Ripple on Metal Deposition

S. Pešić

This paper focuses on the quality of output current rectification—an important feature which should be taken into account alongside voltage and current. It is the author's…

Eliminating Solvents in the Cleaning of Circuit Assemblies: A Case History

I.B. Goldman, D.F. Aitken, D. Charest

This paper describes the work that was necessary to eliminate CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) cleaning solvents in the post‐soldering defluxing operation during assembly of printed…

Special Report

B.N. Ellis

Pleasantly sited on the Inner Harbour, the Hyatt Regency Hotel was the venue for this year's conference. Baltimore was essentially an industrial city until some twenty or thirty…

LeaRonal (UK), Buxton, Derbyshire

Lorna Cullen

The winding, climbing roads of North Derbyshire still bore traces of the year's early snowfall, with mud‐splashed, hard‐packed drifts remaining by the roadside, when Circuit World

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