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Multichip Modules for Advanced Applications

G.L. Ginsberg

This paper discusses the increasing activity being directed towards microminiature multichip module packaging. It shows new substrate materials that are being investigated…

Printed Wiring Board Inner Layer Contamination Study

A.S.L. Chan, T.A. Shankoff, D. Culver

Electrical leakage beyond control levels did not occur in high temperature and humidity stressing of surface insulation resistance patterns when the relatively high contamination…

Propylene Glycol Ethers—An Alternative to CFC 113 for the Cleaning of Printed Circuit Boards

J. van Gerven, L. van Horssen, N. van Veen

The threat posed to the environment by CFC cleaning processes for printed circuit boards has led to an investigation of possible alternatives. In a preselection procedure…

Practical Experimental Designs Applied to Haloing (Measling) on Teflon® Circuit Boards

W.G. McQuarrie, F. Voss

In the fast paced PCB industry of today windows of opportunity are short. One needs to be able to find quickly the key variables to a new process or an existing process so that…

Integration and Application of Vision Systems in SMD Automatic Placement Machines

V. Neger, H. Pawlischek

The mechanical design of the automatic placement machine and the integrated application of different tools dictate the result of the placement process. The placement accuracy of…

Waste Treatment Process for Electroless Copper

J.D. Holly

The spent electroless copper bath is deactivated at the overflow by the automatic addition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to prevent copper from plating out in the drain lines…

An Activity Number for Fluxes

N.G. Roché, C.A. MacKay

Current classification of fluxes is typically on the basis of a qualitative process with parameters like residue activity in a water extract or the ability to dissolve copper in a…

Printed Circuit World Convention V: 12–15 June 1990, Glasgow, Scotland Part 1

Printed Circuit World Convention 5, which took place at the Forum Hotel and Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, from 12–15 June 1990, will be reported in two parts…

Dr.‐lng. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG, Geislingen, W. Germany

Lorna Cullen

When considering a technology as well established as electroplating, it seemed appropriate to visit this company with such a long history of involvement. It was 78 years ago that…

Schoeller & Co. Elektronik GmbH, Wetter/Hessen, W. Germany

Lorna Cullen

A second summer visit to Germany in July took Circuit World to another large, well‐established company of high repute in the electronics industry—Schoeller & Co. Elektronik GmbH…


This Microsectioning Course has been produced in response to many requests from within the electronics industry. The need has arisen for engineering staff to provide evaluation…

International Institute News

ABRACI, the Brazilian Printed Circuit Association, has reported that since March 1990 the Brazilian PCB industry, in common with other branches of industry, has been plunged into…

Industry News

B.N. Ellis

Nelco were pleased to announce the appointment of Mr George Grant to the position of Sales Manager from June 1st 1990. Mr Grant, who has considerable stature in the industry and…

New Products

Circuit Systems & Automation, the Leeds‐based PCB wet process equipment manufacturer, has launched a new conveyorised printed circuit board drying machine suitable for high…

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