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Safety and Environmental Problems of Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies

B.N. Ellis

This paper describes the current (April 1989) problems of finding substitutes for chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) solvents which are becoming regulated for environmental reasons. The…

Analysis and Evaluation of TAB Bonds

T.C. Chung, H.A. Moore

Tape automated bonding (TAB) is one technology which is becoming widely adopted for interconnecting integrated circuits to a substrate or package. Both destructive and…

Quo Vadis Printed (Circuit) Board?: Seeking the Most Cost‐effective Interconnect Solution for Electronic Equipment

M. Weinhold

Printed (circuit) boards have been used in the electronics industry for the past 25 years and more. The technology used to design and manufacture PCBs is well known and accepted…

Inspection and Data Measurements for Solder Quality Process Control

J. Adams

Solder quality is a critical issue in circuit board production. However, the manufacturing process of today has few built‐in controls to ensure good solder quality. Instead…

Wetting Balance Methods for Component and Board Solderability Evaluation

K.M. Lin, F.H. Friend

With the increased use of surface‐mounted devices, both the component density and the board complexity are greatly increased on many circuit pack assemblies. Good solderability…

Methanol Depletion in Solvents

K. Johnson, T.J. Crawford

The Materials and Processes Research Laboratory of the Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF) is undertaking a research project to examine the use of solvents in a…

PCB Plated Through Hole Optimisation: A Case Study in SPC

M.J. Harry

This paper addresses two fundamental issues with regard to the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). First, the paper presents a statistically‐based, four‐phase strategy…

Residues on Soldered Printed Circuit Assemblies

C. Lea

Visible surface residues, commonly referred to as white residues, on soldered printed circuit assemblies are a very common but intermittent and unpredictable problem. Such…

The Advantage of Joining Forces

G. Hinz

This article relates how a circuit board manufacturer joined forces with a user to develop a means of improving the packing density of SMD boards.

The Need for Customised Repair Techniques of Conformally Coated Circuit Boards

T.O. Malum

This study deals with adapting various repair technologies to the requirements of conformally coated printed circuit boards. Information was gathered from both military and…

AT&S GmbH, Leoben‐Hinterberg, Austria

Lorna Cullen

When is an error not an error? A certain logistical error was made by this reporter, who, in the knowledge that AT&S have a facility at Engerwitzdorf close to Linz, duly caught a…


With this year's Symposium returning to this popular Thames‐side location, the venue, catering and general arrangements were much appreciated and commented upon by delegates…

International Institute News

Brian Ellis, Lorna Cullen

A Workshop sponsored by the EIPC in an attempt to provide insight into data transfer technology and its use for the printed circuit board industry was held in Berlin on 11–12 May…

Industry News

Apollo Circuits Appointments. Following the recent formation of Apollo Circuits in Shefford, Bedfordshire, the company has appointed Mark Atkins as Sales Director.

New Products

Holmstrands have introduced a high efficiency Push & Pull Warm Air Dryer for drying bare printed circuit boards after wet processing. The unit works with three separate blowing…

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