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Use of Excimer Lasers in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

G.D. Poulin, P.A. Eisele, H.B.G. Wong, T.A. Znotins

Excimer lasers are finding increasing use in the electronics manufacturing industry. In contrast to other types of laser processing in which material is removed by localised…

The Production and Through‐hole Plating of Modern Base Materials

Th. Haug, P. Magnani, B. Bressel, H.‐J. Grapentin, H. Meyer

Today modern epoxy base materials for printed circuit board production are designed with properties which ensure high dimensional stability, resistance to chemical action, and…

Application of Non‐destructive Testing to Inspection of Soldered Joints

M. Forshaw

There is an increasing requirement for inspection of electronic components, assemblies and interconnections, and to meet this demand there are new developments in inspection…

Adhesion of Epoxy Filleting Adhesive and Parylene Conformal Coating to Plasma Treated, Solder Mask Coated Substrates

A. Calahorra, S. Sali, Z. Hamish, H. Dodiuk

Peel adhesion of an epoxy filleting compound and Parylene C conformal coating to plasma treated, solder mask coated substrates and the apparent contact angle of water on the…

Restrictions on the Production and Consumption of CFC‐113—An Update

C. Lea

An earlier paper gave the background to the rôle of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the observed depletion of the Earth's stratospheric ozone, plus details of the Montreal Protocol…

The Feasibility of Ultrasonically Bonding Surface Mount Components to Printed Circuit Boards

E. Goold

The potentially highly automated process of surface mounting electronic components directly onto a substrate or printed circuit board possesses a very weak link. Component…

Technological Implications of Restructuring in the European PCB Industry

M. Hannon

The EEC Nation States' 1992 Single Market awareness campaigns have achieved their objectives. The underlying EEC policies have ignited a fuse which will lead to an increase of…

Contamination Control and the Montreal Protocol

B.N. Ellis

This paper gives a general survey of the methods of contamination control related to assembled printed circuits. Particular emphasis is given to those aspects of the subject which…

Adhesion Test for Dry Film Photoresist on Copper by the Peeling Method

N.‐H. Lu

This study describes a peel test to quantitatively measure the adhesion of dry film photoresist on copper. Using this peeling method, the adhesion effects of: (a) the copper…

Centrifugal Cleaning—A New Technology for Cleaning Printed Circuit Boards and Hybrid Circuits

R. Rich

Cleaning or defluxing of populated printed circuit boards has become a very difficult problem as component stand‐off clearances have become smaller, line spacings tighter, and…

Teknecomp SpA, Cavaglià, Italy Quality and Quantity

B.N. Ellis

The Piedmont region in Northern Italy stretches from the Southern slopes of the Alps across the upper reaches of the alluvial Po valley to beyond Turin. It is very varied, but…

Coates Circuit Products—Curtain Up on Imagecure

Lorna Cullen

A recent invitation by Coates Circuit Products to visit their Midsomer Norton facility gave Circuit World an opportunity for some interesting discussion and observation of what…

The Complete Electronic Manufacturing Event

This year's Internepcon Exhibition will see the reamalgamation of the Show's two component parts—Internepcon Production and Internepcon Packaging—under one roof. Also, for the…

Circuit Technology, Olympia, London, 25–27 April 1989

Re‐established in the National Hall, Olympia, Circuit Technology '89 offers a showcase for the latest printed circuit board technology, production equipment and processes…

GE Plastics Demonstrate Robotically Controlled Laser Fabrication of Moulded Circuit Boards

P.L. Moran

The applications team of GE Plastics in Russelsheim near Frankfurt, in common with several other GE groups, has been working in the general field of moulded circuit boards for…

International institute news

Lorna Cullen

The California Circuits Association has moved to the following new mailing address: CCA, 8855 Atlanta Avenue, 210 Huntington Beach, CA 92646. Telephone: (714) 536 3519.

Industry news

Chris Labarte has been appointed Area Sales Manager with Alpha Metals, one of the leading suppliers of solder products and related materials.

New products

The 3M Industrial Chemical Products Group, which manufactures a selection of ‘Fluorinert’ Liquids for Vapour Phase reflow soldering, liquid reliability testing and the immersion…

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