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Substrates for the New Generation of SMT

D.S. Kingsley

For military applications the use of LCCCs is generally accepted and welcomed because of their availability, reliability and relative ease of assembly. Moreover, the problems of…

Electrophoretic Photoresist Technology: An Image of the Future—Today

D.A. Vidusek

Line widths are rapidly shrinking and the complexities of boards place increased demands on the resolution capabilities of the photoresists. A new technology is emerging that…

Quality and Reliability — Relevance and Assessment for Electronic Assemblies

C. Lea

The physical and mathematical definitions, as well as the practical significance, of quality and reliability are explained, with particular regard to surface mount electronic…

Low Solids Content Fluxes

A. Toubin

The arrival of low solids content flux on the electronics production market represents something of a revolution. Traditionally, the electronics industry has used, and is still…

Electro‐static Controls

L.C. Wells

The packaging of static sensitive devices is just one aspect of the control process. It should never be considered in isolation, otherwise it will be just another item of…

Trends in Surface Mounting Technology and Beyond

N. Sinnadurai

Surface Mounting Technology becomes more essential with increasing pin count of ICs. The opportunities for improved performance, miniaturisation and cost are being exploited…

Inner Layer or Post Cracking on Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

M.W. Gray

The possible causes of inner layer junction cracks on multilayer PCBs are discussed and the problems that cracks can cause under rework conditions. The procedure to identify the…

Tailored Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Printed Wiring Boards to Improve the Solder Joint Life of Leadless Ceramic Chip Carriers

R.L. Williams, A.W. Noblett

A computer program was used to predict the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of four printed wiring board (PWB) designs. Designs consisted of low CTE materials, E glass/epoxy…

Pulse Plating of Electrolytic Copper

A. Montgomery

The paper outlines the application of a unique Pulsed Current technique to the Acid Copper Electrolyte used in the PCB industry. It discusses some of the inherent difficulties…

PCB Vacuum Bonding Autoclave—Vacuum Bagging Techniques

G. Ford

This paper describes the new technique used by International Computers Limited for vacuum bagging multilayer PCB bonding stacks. It is used as a cost‐effective alternative to…

Down the Slippery Slope Again

Roger L. Tyler

The Electronica Show in Munich has ended and the Pronic Exhibition in Paris is now a thing of the past. As I write this article we are on the run‐up to Christmas and the days are…

Norplex/Oak (UK) Technical Seminar — High Performance Materials

Lorna Cullen

Conference presentations, the technical literature and industry debate are focusing increasingly on the requirement for high performance laminates to meet the needs of high signal…

Electronica 88

W. Goldie

It is reputed that PCBs worth approximately £83 billion were produced worldwide by about 7,000 manufacturers with 200,000 employees in 1987. The United States accounted for about…

PRONIC 88: 3rd International Exhibition of Equipment and Products for Electronics

Lorna Cullen

For those arriving in Paris the weekend before Pronic, what could almost be described as a holiday atmosphere prevailed. The visit by the Prince and Princess of Wales had left its…


Lorna Cullen

Always having heard that PCA Conferences are a blend of interesting technical and marketing presentations in a congenial atmosphere in the pleasant environment of the Runnymede…

International institute news

According to the report submitted by Mr Fernando Sanchez on the above event held from 21–23 September in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, bright sun and gentle green waves striking the…

Industry news

PMD have appointed David H. Ormerod to the position of printed circuits products manager as part of their marketing organisation.

New products

VUTRAX, Computamation's PCB design system, now has drivers for the Metheus 1004, 1008 and 1104 graphics cards offering 1024×768 resolution in 16 colours. This enhancement, giving…

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