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The Limitations of High Speed, High Density PWB Substrates

J.C. Curtis, K.J. Lodge, D.J. Pedder

This paper looks at the implications of increases in system speed and density for the interconnection system, noting particularly the increased requirements placed on the…

Reliability, Thermal and Thermomechanical Characteristics of Polymer‐on‐metal Multilayer Boards

F. Gray, M. Elkins

Wiring requirements and thermomechanical factors related to the design and fabrication of Polymer‐on‐metal constraining core PWBs are discussed. The necessity of small…

Water Absorption in Glass Fibre‐Epoxide Resin Laminates

C.A. Smith

Water absorption is a serious problem in all polymeric materials, including the glass fibre‐epoxide resin laminates used in printed circuit board manufacture. This paper describes…

Applications of Polymer Thick Film Inks in Surface Mount Technology

D.J. Fearns

The properties and constituents of PTF inks are outlined. Surface resistivity in relation to PTF inks is defined. Applications of PTF inks are discussed with emphasis on potential…

Laser Drilling of Very Small Electronic Via Holes in Common Circuit Board Materials

A.L. Kenney, J.W. Dally

As microelectronics continue to shrink, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to mechanically drill very small via holes (<0·010 in.). Using lasers and optical…

Metallographic Examination of Soldered Joints

H.A.H. Steen

Metallographic sections are an indispensable tool in the assessment and failure analysis of solder joints, as surface appearance is an unreliable guide to their internal state…

Wave Soldering of SMDs—A Smart Approach From Science to Practice

G. Schouten

This paper describes some fundamental aspects involved in wave soldering of surface mount devices. Calculations are given on capillary behaviour to provide a greater understanding…

Laminating Flexible and Flexi‐rigid Circuit Boards in the Isostatic Gas‐pressure Vacuum Press

W. Stein

Description of the vacuum press process with comparisons made between the isostatic gas pressure and hydraulic press technologies: advantages of the former: materials for flexible…

Accelerated Thermal Fatigue Cycling of Surface Mounted PWB Assemblies in Telecom Equipment

L.‐G. Liljestrand, L.‐O. Andersson

Telecom equipment is subject to thermal cycles caused by both variations in temperature between day and night and variations in the telephone traffic. To simulate such thermal…

Board Repair—The Economic Answer

R. Willis

The electronics industry is now expanding at a considerable rate, but not so the board geometry. Track sizes are generally still at 0·010 in. but even this size puts considerable…

ELBASA, Esparraguera (Barcelona), Spain

For those sports aficionados intending to converge on Barcelona for the Olympic Games in 1992 and aspiring to combine sightseeing with a fairly full spectator programme, here is a…

Nelco Multilayer Workshop

Gale‐force winds and generally inclement weather conditions, especially for those who travelled from north of the Border, fortunately did not affect attendance at, or mar the…

Productronica 87

Asking someone how I should set the background for Productronica 87 in Munich as I felt I had said it all last time, the retort was: ‘No‐one will remember: say it all again!’ I…

Composants Electroniques 87

The 28th Salon des Composants Electroniques opened its doors on 14 November 1987 for its second time at the Parc des Expositions venue, Villepinte. This location, with its…

Internepcon Production 1988 Preview

This year's Internepcon Production Exhibition and Conference (22–24 March 1988, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham) promises to be the biggest ever in the event's twenty‐one…

Circuit Technology: Olympia, London, 26–28 April 1988

The inaugural Circuit Technology Exhibition was held in 1983—in direct response to the industry's urgent need for an event dedicated entirely to the most modern, innovative PCB…

International Institute News

New Officers for 1988/89 ‐ CCA administration for the coming two years will be in the hands of the following office‐bearers:

Industry News

Argos Electronics Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of David E. Skertchly to the position of Quality Assurance Manager. This strengthens Argos technical and quality…

New Products

Nicolet Test Instruments have announced the release of the new PA‐120 Best Fit Drill system. This product incorporates the technology of a precision automated X‐ray imaging system…

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