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Advanced Discrete Wiring Technology: A Solution for High Density Sub‐nanosecond Interconnection

T.J. Buck

Advanced discrete wiring systems are being developed to produce state‐of‐the‐art circuit boards for packaging the next generation electronic systems. The demands placed on…

Repair of Printed Circuit Boards Carrying Surface Mount Components

M.M.F. Verguld, M.H.W. Leenaerts

Removal and replacement instructions for surface mounted components are given, as well as certain precautionary measures and examples. Some of the figures have already been…

Copper Foil for Flexible Circuits

D. Avery

The paper attempts to describe the versatility of flex circuits and discusses how the component raw materials which are used in the manufacture of flexible laminates contribute to…

Low Voltage Insulation Resistance Measurement of Printed Circuits and its Implications

B.N. Ellis

The use of surface insulation resistance testing has been restricted to QC laboratory applications. The extension of this technique to modern electronics and, in particular, to…

MIL‐P‐13949 G and Its Consequences for the PCB Industry

M. Huschka

The new military specification for PCB base material was published on February 11th, 1987. This ‘G’ version is not merely an amendment of the ‘F’ version, but basically a new…

Fatigue Behaviour and Ductility Determination for Rolled Annealed Copper Foil and Flex Circuits on Kapton

W. Engelmaier, A. Wagner

With the fatigue ductility test the ductility of metallic foils and flexible metal foil/dielectric laminates can be determined. Ductility together with tensile strength allows…

Automated Edge Connector Plating Equipment for Printed Circuit Boards

J.D.C. Hemsley

This paper describes the development of a new generation automated edge connector plating system specifically concerned with the even distribution of precious metal on the…

Packlayer—Alternative to Conventional Printed Circuit Boards

D.G. Weiss

The printed circuit board version, ‘packlayer’, represents an alternative to printed circuit boards with conventional solder mask systems which is not yet widely known. This…

T300 Graphite Core Printed Wiring Board: Predicting the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

R.L. Williams, R.J. Hauch, A.W. Noblett

Materials with low thermal expansion rates are being used in printed wiring boards (PWBs) to obtain a thermal expansion factor compatible with that of surface mounted leadless…

Development of Copper‐clad Polyimide Glass Laminates

I. Matsuda

Copper‐clad polyimide glass laminates that pass the GPY/Polyimide Specifications of IPC‐L‐108A have been developed using the Michael reaction of bismaleimide and m‐aminophenol…

New Process Technology for High Tolerance Circuit Boards

R. Kreisel

The design of PCBs is highly influenced by the components being mounted on them. Holes with diameters as small as, for example, 0·008 in. and aspect ratios of 10:1 will become…

Valtronic SA, Les Charbonnières, Switzerland

Brian N. Ellis

Switzerland has an essentially rural image, emphasised by the CH plates on the back of every car; what wag hasn't said that this is because it is the land of CHeese and CHocolate…

Towards a Busier 1988

Roger L. Tyler

This article is being drafted virtually on the eve of the Productronica Show in Munich. By the time it comes to press, the electronics world will have converged on that beautiful…

Bepi Matrix Systems Hosts Successful Multiwire Conference

Lorna Cullen

Bepi Matrix Systems, Galashiels, Scotland, organised a Multiwire Conference held on 28th and 29th September 1987 which aimed to bring together current and potential Multiwire…

International institute news

Now formed for almost two years, the Brazilian Printed Circuit Association, ABRACI (Associação Brasileira de Circuitos Impressos), held on 17–18 September 1987 at Curitiba its…

Industry news

Interconnection Systems Ltd, one of the largest printed circuit board manufacturers in the UK, is strengthening its sales and marketing team with the recent appointments of Neil…

New products

The M & T Chemicals BC925 is a two part system and is based on the following criteria. The redundant film must be removed in the correct form and above all leave the board in a…

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