Circuit World: Volume 13 Issue 1


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The Imaging of Fine Lines‐Conventional Technology or Laser Direct Imaging?

P. Britton

The continuing trend towards miniaturisation is constantly driving the printed circuit manufacturer to seek new or improved methods of imaging the circuit pattern onto base…

The Solderability Testing of Surface Mount Devices Using the GEC Meniscograph Solderability Tester

I.A. Gunter

This paper outlines some techniques developed at GEC Research Laboratories to extend the range of specimen types which may be solderability tested by the wetting balance method…

Dynamic Mechanical Testing of Solder and Solder Joints

L.D. Lauer

Successful use of solder joints to attach surface mounted devices to printed wiring board substrates requires knowledge of the stress‐strain properties of solder as functions of…

Electroplating Copper for Printed Circuit Manufacture

D.A. Luke

In through‐hole plated double‐sided and multilayer printed circuit boards, electroplated copper forms the main electrically conductive path on hole walls. To ensure high…

In Search of the Ultimate Test Strategy

P. Smith

In an attempt to illustrate the variety of test methods available to the modern electronic manufacturer, the paper describes the major alternatives and offers a method of matching…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 4 The Plated Copper Barrel

C. Lea, M.P. Seah, F.H. Howie

The importance of the quality of the plated‐through‐hole copper barrel in double‐sided and multilayer PCBs is considered with regard to the problem of voids and blowholes in the…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 5 The Rôle of the Electroless Copper

C. Lea, F.H. Howie

Data from laboratory and production scale tests are given that show that the efficiency of catalyst adsorption controls the coverage by the electroless copper deposit in…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 6 The Laminate, The Drilling and the Hole Wall Preparation

C. Lea, F.H. Howie

The drilling and preparation of a hole in FR‐4 laminate prior to the deposition of electroless copper is considered in relation to the quality of soldering achieved on the…

New High‐resolution Dry Film Photoresist

G.M. Tilsley, L. Roos

A new family of high resolution laminar dry films has been developed for making the next generation of high density printed circuit boards. Resolution below 50 micron lines and…

Genuine Etchback Using Permanganate Systems

J. Wynschenk, A. Delgobbo

Permanganate desmear technology has been widely accepted in the US as a quality and cost improvement over the traditional desmear methods. Based on two years intensive research…

Ch. Schweizer & Söhne GmbH, Schramberg, W. Germany

For any visitor to Southern Germany, the opportunity to spend some time in the Black Forest area must surely be welcomed with enthusiasm. Even under the oppressive grey clouds and…

Yates Industries SA, Wiltz, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Fifty‐four kilometres north‐northwest of the city of Luxembourg, the small town of Wiltz enjoys a peaceful and picturesque setting at the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes. Now a…

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